Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vibes on Not Not Fun

I love Not Not Fun's sleeve art. There really ought to be a gallery show at some point of the entire collection of releases...all 12" or 7" size. There's something about it, it's collage, but not primitive xerox, or haphazard. Someone has a real eye for's completely distinctive, and is half of whats great about getting these LP's and singles.

So I'm trying to figure out what I think about the Vibes project before I (you) order this and I came across a download somewhere of the 'You God it' cassette...been listening to both sides and it's very live jam funk feel. Amanda from Pocahaunted has got a great voice and really confidently uses it. There's a definite plan here she's executing, a definite direction. She's got this master plan for the track and then takes it there through quiet talking, loud's the best part by far. I know this is a lot of NNF groups members, and this is some kind of supergroup or something.
It's just OK....I don't know that funk/psyche jam is really my thing, thankfully on the single it will be somewhat abbreviated...maybe a little more concise. I liked the darkness of Pocahaunted and Robedoor...this sounds more acessible or something....granted that was the tape, which has great tracks, but meanders at times too much. It's one of those things I wonder if i would ever listen to again once I'm done listening.... I don't know what's on this single, or if it's along the same lines, but probably.
Still love you NNF.



NNF159—7" ($5)

Every family has a freak (or 2). Every deck’s got a wild card. We’ve got Vibes. Ante up. NNF’s loosest cannons return to the recording fray with, Psychic, a blown-out briar patch of basement garage fantasy masquerading as obscurist protest funk – and the band’s first vinyl statement. Recorded in Eagle Rock on a “last legs”-style 4-track, the EP’s four songs are jacked deep in the red, with fuzz bass, wah shrapnel, vocal sloganeering, and drum racket all fighting for tape room. Competition is fierce. Recent live faves like “Dead Horses” and “Night Court” appear in particularly revved-up form, as do the first two Vibes songs ever written, “Psychic” and “Prisms Of Fame.” All bases are covered. All soul trains are derailed. Here comes the judge. Black vinyl 33 RPM singles in full-color fold-over sleeves with collage artwork and lettering by Cameron Stallones, photographs by Caitlin C. Mitchell, plus a rant-y revolution scrapbook insert. Edition of 400.

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