Friday, July 10, 2009

Kurt Vile on Skulltones!

Saw this listed the other day on Volcanic Tongue:
Kurt Vile
Fall Demons
Skulltones SKT-010

Hand-numbered edition of 375 copies five-track EP from Vile, who channels the ghost forms of Roky Erickson, Skip Spence, Alan Vega and David Johansen across the space of a buncha minimal bedroom nuggets. A mix of home recordings and studio work with a final track recorded by Sore Eros in 2002.
I mention it because dull knife had it for a few hours, and haven't seen it anywhere else yet, they might be the only place to get it, which means that single is traveling some serious distance. I'm going to probably miss this one, and God dam I get mad just thinking about it. I'm surely listening to constant hitmaker right now and crying.

Skulltones says:

$5.50 ppd usa $8.50 ppd world

Trippin' the riffs between some catchy freedom rock and Fripptronics, Kurt is back with brand new songs on this single. Last year's CD on Gulcher was a year end favorite and his recent west coast tour showed that the riffbag runs deep. New record out later this year on Matador... looks like he's growing up fast.

Available from Volcanic Tongue, Revolver, Fusetron, Dull Knife, Armageddon Shop, and others soon.

400 copies, including 25 test presses for West Coast tour.

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  1. Picked up a copy from Kurt Vile at Woodsist last weekend. Hopefully, he'll have copies at the Bruar Falls show. Definitely worth having, I've been playing "Summer Demons" on repeat.