Monday, July 13, 2009

Silver shampoo on Whats your rupture records

A1. "Jethro Skull"
A2. "Contest"
B1. "Sonny Barger"
B2. "Dogs"

Nice mimi EP from What's Your Rupture. I like the sound quality they are getting here, not exactly garage, just low-fi from too many layers of sound. Crazy weirdo guitar, great choruses. They know how to record, it just must be some kind of new way. I like it, they have a sense of humor and like 60's biker imagery. It reminds me of the Jacuzzi Boys and Bundle of Fags.
Almost the whole thing is on their myspace, but the 7" is better of course.

What's your rupture says:
Silver Shampoo "Jethro Skull" 7"
Jethro Skull" is the debut EP from Texas party-rockers/mini-bike gang Silver Shampoo. The A-side consists of the title track "Jethro Skull" and "Contest". It's What's Your Rupture's estimation that many a silent night in neighborhoods across America will be interrupted by the drunken slurring of "Jeeettthhhhrrrooooooo Skkkkkkuuuulllll". The B-side includes "Sonny Barger" and "Dogs". These are both subliminally sublime garage pop gems. "Sonny Barger" is a concise little masterpiece of bass slides, twinkling piano and "B-B-B-B-Barger" chants. "Dogs" is a sure favorite with pet lovers and simple math practitioners alike.

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