Wednesday, July 1, 2009

William Burroughs on Sub Rosa via Fusetron

Was in boston this week hanging out with my friend Matt, working on stuff and driving back to catch Explosions in the sky.
I was all set to talk about a couple of Ty Segall singles and then looking at a fusetron email, saw this single from William Burroughs and just had to mention it.

First off, I can't find any info about this release anywhere, not from Sub Rosa, or any other UK singles distro's...tons of searches later and there's not a picture or description to be found. I'm still trying to decide if this actually is a 12"?
But if Fusetron says it has it, then I'm buying.

A long time ago I picked up a single of Burroughs and Gus Van Zandt called Millions of Images...which was crazy...I guess Gus is playing guitar and drum machines under some recorded spoken word Burroughs's a document. I always wondered if Van Zandt did this after the fact or they actually got together...did Burroughs know about it? If so that's the only Burroughs 7"....until now.

I bring up Matt because we got into a long conversation driving back from Boston about the Beats and how much they influenced our college years. And I think it wasn't just us. It was the period of our lives when we should be reading that stuff...I mean I was amazed I never heard about any of these characters in high school. It was that combination of this underground scene and that reaction against the 50's let was perfect.
I think I saw Naked Lunch on HBO, but I didn't get it. It just fit into our world view perfectly...we were moving away from home, writing on old typewriters with rolls of paper, taking roadtrips in shitty cars...being completely ridiculous. Documenting everything, who was going to be Neal Cassidy?
We met Allen ginsberg in Washington square park, he signed our copies of Howl. There was a Ginsberg doc at Film Forum...a show at the seemed like it was everywhere. Kerouac GAP kahki ad's.
Anyway, I wonder now if that was us discovering something on our own that then there happened to be a reintrest in this time period by coincidence or we were just into it thanks to these little signifiers. They just seemed cool, how could a couple of art school kids in the 90's connect with this? Does anyone still? Are there kids now as excited about that shit as I was? Completely blowing my tiny mind?

Anyway, these are outtakes from the LP that was released on Sub Rosa, or maybe just tracks off that full length, but I'm going to contact fusetron and pick up a copy and read On The Road again.

From Fusetron

Title: Three Allusive Tracks From Break Through In Grey Room
Format: 7"
Label: Sub Rosa
Country: Belgium
Price: $14.00
"Three extracts from one of Sub Rosas absolute classics, William S. Burroughs Break Through In Grey Room (SR 008CD/LP), featuring extraordinary, cut-up voices recorded during the mid-60s in hotel rooms in New York, Paris, and London. Available in a very limited edition of 300 copies only, with labels designed by famous French artist, St├ęphane Blanquet." -Sub Rosa

plus Fusetron has got copies of that Black Dice tour single I reviewed a little while back.

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