Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ty Segall on Goner records and Truepanther records

Ty Segall is a one man distorted blues punk machine. Initially with the Traditional Fools project, he's moved on to that great full length album Castle Face, and one single on Chocolate Covered records, now a simultaneous release by Goner and truepanther.
The Goner release Cents, is on his myspace. Even listening to this track, it's a huge body of similar work. You love anything he's done, this is no disappointment here. Fuzzed out guitars, distorted vocals with major sing a long melodies. It's always energetic, spazzy, cymbals crashing, awesomeness. One foot in the roots of blues, the other in west coast surf rock. This track is slowly plowing along with this steamroller bassline melody on guitar. His changes are key. like Jay and Jeff, Ty obviously has a natural ability to weave together perfect changes of pop punk. It's always catchy. Maybe that's why they tend to be under 2 minutes. You don't want to just repeat it, it's not their style. Innovate innovate innovate. This type of power punk just exists as a genetic's their super power.
What's the kryptonite?
An Atlantic/Virgin/Epic records contract?

This one is from Goner

TY SEGALL "Cents" (Goner - 51 GONE) 7" $ 5.75 (07SEGALCent)
***"Cents" is a teaser single for TY SEGALL's upcoming Goner Records full-length, Lemons. The three-track 7-inch features exclusive versions not available elsewhere. "Ty Segall is a phenomenon in a bite-size package. He plays guitar and drums, and howls like a wolf in awe of the moon. His boyish good looks, sky-blue eyes, and fever shakes may make you swoon, but it's his lustrous croons and garage rock songs awash in boisterous distorted noise that will make you take notice." -SF Chronicle. Upcoming Lemons Full-Length to be released 7/14/2009.

Then I noticed this one from TruePanther records out of many labels are in Brooklyn, it's insane.
***You know, I just checked on this, the paypal button still works, but it does say sold out's up to you. Definitely a label I'll be checking up on....and sooner.

New single from SF's one man band genius Ty Segall. Universal Momma co-written with his MOM Cherrie Segall. 86'd is a ripper. Limited to 500

Oh wait, one more,a split 12" with Black Time from Telephone explosion.
I think we have a new hardest working man in rock and roll.

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