Monday, August 17, 2009

Columbus Discount Recordings Year Two!

Wow, just got news of this a few days ago, I guess everyone who's ordered in the past gets first crack at another year, another series.
I have to say CDR has been completely amazing, after finally getting two of the three Down in the ground releases 9 months later, CDR didn't have a delay the entire year....and with color vinyl no less! They really have their shit together, it was an amazing lineup of stuff that isn't going to be out anywhere else.
It makes getting the mail exciting again...every couple of months, holy shit, this is why I still go outside.
Pink reason, El Jesus De Magico, TV Ghost, Little Claw, Dan Melchior, and the Cheater Slicks (Just got this yesterday) with a bunch of other stuff I needed to know about. You better believe I'm going through these now. It's impossible to keep up with, I still haven't listened to my last batch. I wished I gave these serious attention the first year, hopefully this one will give me a chance to talk about these.
I guess I just feel a little bad because once it's sold out, is there any point in telling everyone how great the El Jesus De Magic is?
I'm rubbing it in your face!
Oh well.... get in the CDR train.
I swear of Hozac has a year two, I'm going to have to put off that operation for grandma.

Oh, speaking of semi-funny lists of things, here's the list of records (in no particular order) you'll get if you subscribe!

Electric Bunnies
Deathly Fighter
Dead Clodettes
Outer Spacist
Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
Puffy Areolas
Jakob Olausson
Harrisburg Players, Vol. 2

Oh, and one of those records (we ain't sayin' which) is gonna be a 12" single instead of a 7" and there could always be more spooktacular surprises in store.** This time, there will be a total of 400 subscriptions available and the first record will ship in October, the month after CDRSCY1! is complete.

Next year, we will offer a credit card. The year after that, we'll just be a bank and not put out records anymore. The year after that, we hope to be beheaded in the Great American Cultural Revolution.

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