Friday, August 14, 2009

Summersteps Records interview Pt 2

Here's my continued conversation with Eric Schlittler from Summersteps.
We talk about another one of his recent releases, the Suetta LP. Turns out in high school someone was listening to the same things I was...Sonic Youth, Unwound, except unlike me they were actually good and 10 years later they commited it to vinyl. Thurston and Byron even wrote it up in Bull Tongue. High school self vindicated!
We nerd out about lost underground records like Bob Trimble, Gary Higgins, the stuff on Mississippi records, Flea market finds, giving away music for free, and vinyl as art(ifact).

Vinyl is back!
Like you need one more place telling you that piece of breaking news.

He has an amazing passion for the label and releasing great music, really great guy. I appreciate it so much he could take a minute and talk to me about his label.

Here it is, Part 2 of my conversation with Eric at Summersteps. MP3 20min.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Kim's isn't closed. They just moved to 1st Ave.

  2. It's true Kim's moved over to A, I realized when I listened back, I noticed that space where there used to be a different video store. I just read that article about them donating their library to some island in Italy. Where am I going to rent my McDonalds training videos now? They're probably on youtube.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Kim's didn't move to A. They are on 1st now.

    There used to be a Kim's on A but that closed years ago.

    As far as where to rent your MacDonalds videos goes, you should rent them in Brooklyn & stay out of Manhattan. We don't need your bedbugs here!

  4. Right. 1st. They took over that other video store.
    Oh, I love brooklyn bedbugs, wouldn't trade them for anything.