Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shannon and the clams on weirdhug records

Shannon and the clams want bowties on everything...burgers, wolfmen, dolphins. It's weirdly appropriate. It's a little B-Movie, 50's surf/greaser sound. Complete with a grindhouse ballad at the end of the B-Side that just the best possible way. It's a perfect John Waters-esque moment. All is not right in suburbia, or in this case, Oakland. Well, was it ever right in Oakland? Williamsburg is a far cry from that part of Cali, I have to hand it to them, it's a rough part of the west coast, let me tell you....and I know next to nothing.

This really succeeds ultimately because it never gets kitch, that can be an easy line to cross in this style of reminiscent garage. Even the first track on the B-Side 'Hunk Hunt', with an a capella chorus at the start, going heavy with surf rock twang vibrato guitar then shifting down on the next track 'Heart Break' a reverb heavy ballad. Her classic sounding vocals give something extra to that era that's usually missing this real mean edge. The drums are booming, slow guitar twang melody. I think Shannon nails the tone on all these tracks, she has a really incredible voice which immediately sets this apart. It sounds dangerous all while belting it out. She's got a gift, which goes further than just being a great vocalist, it's all feeling.

More perfection on 'Would you love me if I was dead?' The second track on the A-Side. There's a serious dark tone to the reverb 50's pop harmonies. They genuinely pay homage to this sound, it's seriously transporting.

Playing this all at 33 just adds to the grittiness
Get it on weird hug who is batting 1000 so far...I love everything, teepee, bundle of fags...nice freaking work. Keep it up.

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