Friday, August 7, 2009

Summersteps records interview -Part 1-

Talked with Eric from Summersteps records about starting this label with
his wife Cassie which was named after the back entrance to their house near Scranton, PA. We get into Doing it yourself, the early days of dubbing cassettes, finding places to carry the records, and the state of the music business.
Eric also talked about the history behind the Summersteps Jandek tribute album that really established the label in 2000, and then the 2nd Jandek tribute album in 2005. He has a band 'Kid Icarus', with 3 releases on his label and the split single they did with Das Black Milk.
Plus tons
of advice on pressing records.....and this is just part one.

He mentions Brooklyn Phono a record pressing plant right here in Brooklyn I had no idea even existed.

It's 23 minutes, and you can download/listen here.

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  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Das Black Milk is the name of the other band on the Kid Icarus split 7", not Das Milk.