Monday, August 24, 2009

Superchunk - Crossed Wires on Merge

Doug Mosurock wrote a great history of Merge on their 20th they've managed to succeed for so long, the history behind starting up the label, how Superchunk recognized something special about their Chapel Hill scene...everything, really amazing. Check out the subsequent articles in
The label is insanely impressive... I just noticed this single from Superchunk in an email from Merge and decided to give them a listen.
I missed them in my indie rock high school education apparently, I don't think I ever came across these guys and it's impossible to give them a objective shot at this sounds pretty hard rocking, guitar dueling with crunchy rhythms. I'm sure they inspired a million bands, it rocks pretty hard and would be perfect loud.
The vocals sound a little dated ...over-emo vocals, but they're back after 8 years, and I don't think anything on their
myspace is from their upcoming release. It will be interesting to see how this evolved in the last 8 years. It's not really my thing but I totally respect what they did with the label and their band. There's a lesson to be learned from bands these days on how to make the most of your talent and not whore it all away.
Anyway, their new single is on Merge of course and the download coupon includes both tracks and a demo version, another good move...

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