Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Young Widows - Pelican Split on Temporary Residence Records

Got the last two in this set from Temporary Residence recently and finally got around to listening to this one yesterday. Young Widows have some powerful friends....I haven't heard of these guys before this and they've teamed up with some heavy hitters on these splits from Temporary Residence.
First of all TR, put together a nice release here, each quarter face of this puzzle, which is art in the style of The Young Widows latest and it's printed with high gloss ink on the matte black sleeve, which you can't exactly tell from inside the shrink wrap. Then the vinyl itself is split light yellow and dark red. I wasn't expecting these details and that always makes a split like this even cooler.

The Young Widows track 'Mid-Western starts with a far off feedback guitar until lots of slow booming toms come in. I really like where this is going with the distorted guitar strums come in. They're playing with the stop start huge drum massive sound, but and I'm sorry to say, the vocals just kill this for me. It's the throat yelling...I couldn't get past it with Isis either. When it comes to metal, the only thing I can really get into is the instrumental. I don't know why.. the vocals just pigeonhole it too much for me, it places it in too much of a particular time and place.

I haven't heard the recent Pelican releases like the split with These Arms are Snakes and Ephemeral yet so I can't really compare this track 'Inch Above Sand' except to City of Echoes...this immediately sounds optimistic, hitting those higher distortion harmonics, that are just slightly dirtier than the huge bass lows that they get into on tracks. They keep repeating this high scale melody that goes low and then it all stops for the drums to take over, and it all quiets down...it pauses for a minute and then rocks the melody all over again with solos over it. It's kind of taking both the catchier melodic and sub bass doom in this last part...according to Hydrahead this track is going to be on the new album, but leave it to those guys that this is a demo version, or the one of the full length will be in a different key. To be fair the track listing says 'An Inch Above Sand', so this could be an abbreviated version....

2000 copies and then it's gone forever. Vinyl collective it seems, still has some copies.

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