Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Anasazis on I Hate Rock and Roll records

Got an email about The Anasazis from I Hate Rock and Roll Records the other day, they previously released The Muslims (Soft Pack) single, so I wanted to hear what other directions they might be headed in.
Listened to the couple of tracks on their myspace, the A-Side 'The Talk' is their interpretation of the west coast reverb/surf low-fi 60's garage sound that is spontaneously coming from all corners over there, or it's an orchestrated invasion.
It's tambourine splash, jangly tube guitar amps. The emphasis is on the Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls echo chorus vocals with lots of harmony. It's that distant, disaffected sound, a cave full of some flashback party of the past. Lot's of ohhhh's, ahhh's...it's another time really...they are recreating what collectively has been romanticized into that sound. The Shangri-La's? Yea, this is what they must have sounded like, I don't have to listen to the original band...I'm serious. If that era lives on today reinterpreted by the Anasazi's, then that's what it was.
So what part of the era is it exactly? It's not the garage band from the 60's that was headed into psyche and dropping acid and poppers and ludes and playing guitar solos for hours, growing beards. No, this is the end of the 50's, beginning of the 60's, still in high school maybe, clean cut, playing the local church. It's pretty squaresville, content-wise, until you get to the B-Side and UFO's...now we're getting somewhere, even if it does sound harmonic and sweet. This would have been one of those novelty songs that was on the radio in Roswell right after that whole classified incident.

Not sure exactly what Pebble Punk is or if it really applies to these guys...to me that implies that it's some sort of primitive sweet pop...well on second thought, ok, that might work. I was trying to figure out if that's really some sort of weird hardcore scene like twee for hardcore that I'm too old to know about.

Order it from I Hate Rock and Roll.

IHRNR004 The Anasazis "Introducing..." is out now on I Hate Rock N Roll. Three Pebbles punks from San Diego.

The Anasazis "Introducing..."
a1 the talk
a2 grape crush
b1 ufos
b2 show me the way

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