Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat Power / Guv'ner split on ?

It's friday so it's time for an MP3 of some sort.
I got a request in the message boards for this split from Cat Power and Guv'ner, each covering each other. It's long out of print, so I don't have a problem posting it. I mean if it's available, get it from the label, if it's an unobtainable ebay fetish piece, then make it available.

So if I've talked about it, and it's long gone, then chances are I'll post it. Leave requests on the boards.

Here it is Cat Power/Guv'ner split.
On the A-Side of the label it says:
Clear the Room recorded at East Side NYC by Andy Hong + Jim Sorenson September 13, 1996
Great Expectations recorded at rare book room, nyc by nic-olas vernhes September 5, 1996

Enjoy. zipped 7mb


  1. Jason, thanks so much for posting this great single!!!

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    thanks to you my cat power collection is finished

    I love you

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM