Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Perverts on HBSP records

Another Ty post today from a label I haven't come across yet, the mysterious HBSP. They also released the 'Horn the Unicorn' Ty collection of singles and B-side material, then came this Perverts double 7". What's this got to do with Ty you ask?
He's in The Perverts. But what do they sound like?
Well if you imagine a slightly more surf distorto slant than Ty's solo stuff...I actually can't tell if this is him singing due to all the reverb and that it's slightly more buried than his solo stuff, so I'm going to say it's not?
I think I say surf because of the massive reverb and the tempo. Fast, choppy chords, with that tube Fender (maybe?) amp sound. His influence is definitely all over it though. It sounds a little more raw, lively, with everyone in the room, this is maybe take 2.
Remember when I said I imagine him writing 4 songs on a tuesday night while you're sleeping? Well here's at least 4 more across two singles...and for $8? It's an easy paypal.

There's a lot of questions and hardly any answers. Is Ty Segall solo finished? Are the Perverts playing anywhere soon? Ty's playing Mercury Lounge solo this month, will the perverts be the live band? Will I be able to get a copy of this?

Answer on of them with Hbsp, who says they are runing low or got to Aquarius and search for Perverts....not with google, that's a mistake.

PERVERTS- Perverts 7" (Hbsp-2x) $7.99
Six songs from TY SEGALL’s PERVERTS. This 7-inch is loud as fuck, will melt your face off and do a line of blow off your skull. prepare to die.

Why doesn't blogger spellcheck understand reverb? If it's on an amp or pedal it's a fucking word already!

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