Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ty Segall - Thee Oh Sees split on Castle Face

This one I picked up in Portland, home of a ton of mom and pop record stores, at least 10, for a city that size? I was every turn I had to go look for singles. I don't even remember where I picked this up, but it was some punkish place downtown with a million t-shirts naging all over the place, decent vinyl, but mostly nothing I was into. After going through the single section I recognized this Thee sleeve right away and picked this up. I don't even know if I realized it was a split with Ty. I think I mentioned it before but I never came across it locally. And when you're on vacation you can spend money on dumb shit like singles. I know that doesn't make sense, but I couldn't walk down the street to Academy because I shouldn't be spending another $5 on a 7". It's come to that.

These two are covering each other on this CastleFace Records, home of Ty's full length and The Fresh and Only's...
Don't know enough about Thee Oh Sees to really get a sense of where this fits in their catalog, but putting these two together was obviously a no-brainer. Now that I found Ty's version, Thee Oh Sees have really dirtied this up. It's probably recorded more live, you can hear the interaction, a different kind of energy when it's the band in a room together, driving everything a little harder. There's a real distorted high end that's half deliberate style and half things getting out of control. They feel more in the Blues school to me, living somewhere in the neighborhood of the Black Lips...that southern garage blues? Hmmmmm.
On the Ty Side I can really hear that contrast, it's tighter, more home recorded, intimate. Almost no echo on the guitar, a little reverb on the drums...or percussion, I'm not sure what he's hitting...damn now that I hear this it makes me want to revisit Doo Rag, they were really out on their own...ahead of their time? Maybe, who knows, things come back around and get cool again. I think Ty is trying a Thee Oh Sees scream here near the end, that's not normally his style. These are so similar I'm realizing I need to find more Thee albums and check these guys out.

Academy in Brooklyn still has it as well as the mighty Insound.

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