Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wounded Lion on DITG and Gilgongo records.

Finally this single showed up in my mailbox...after almost a year after it was prepaid. Without going into details...well, I really don't know anything other than the bitching on Termbo, and random emails to and from Down in the Ground and Gilgongo, it's been a wild ride. So it finally showed up but at this point I think it's pretty safe to say Down in the Ground has blown whatever cred they might have gained by releasing singles from Blank Dogs, Cold Cave and Wounded Lion...Now that I think about it that's a hell of a start, the art on that triple split was great, the single itself, cold cave being on it, then Blank Dogs! I just assumed whoever was running this label was entrenched in promoting venues or something...and who knows maybe there were just insane pressing problems, I also think it's important bands stand behind their singles like this. This is probably one of those situations that's never going to happen again, but any band should do their homework a little bit on a new label bent on putting out your stuff. It's complicated but it reflects badly on you at the end of the day. DITG can pack up and just leave everyone screwed, and just a tiny bit I'm looking towards you to make it better, or just blame.

Hey I'm glad Gilgongo stepped up, contacted everyone and made this happen, along with a nice surprise which I'll cover tomorrow.

Wounded Lion take these bizarre concepts in what sometimes must be a dare, or drunken scrawl and write sincere songs about them. This time it's creatures in a cave - a ballad. Sensitive piano intro and when it changes to chords a hint of drums starts up. Huge echo on the vocals, (he's in a cave after all) with Devo delivery it's deadpan serious, with a David Byrne kind of inflection. Ultimately that's what keeps this all on the right side of the tracks taking it beyond the kind of lounge comedy you might at first listen mistake it for.
He's into all the animal friends he's met in the cave and is going to stay with them. It reads like a suicide note, he's made up his mind, he's leaving, goodbye cruel world, I belong in the cave. I'm not even trying to convince you, I'm just putting it out there, you want me to be happy....well, it's in this cave thank you very much.
For Wounded Lion the pressure in creating is a little different, there aren't groundbreaking, challenging things happening musically, it's up to Brad to carry this band with his particular vocal style, delivery and subjects...so far.

But the B-side wyld parrots is closer to their pony people single, which might just haunt them into the next incarnation of these members projects. There's synth for once, and there's a lot of space sound in this one. The drumming here is soprano toms hard and soft, and I think I like them the most when they aren't as literal in their songs...leave a little to be deciphered, a little ambiguous...like pony people. It's nonsense that almost makes sense.

I'm into these guys brand of loose weirdo art rock that isn't taking itself too seriously. They are walking that punchline, John S Hall, listenable one time rope, but not falling in those same traps...except maybe the muppet babies and the star wars degobah song...but I give them credit for trying.

DITG must be out, Gilgongo might have this available? Or try contacting the band directly? Midheaven is their distributor but I didn't see any on their mailorder...good luck.


  1. Always bad news when a label disappears off the face of the earth. Furniture Records is on my eternal shitlist for vanishing after just two entries in their pricey "Sheets Of Easter Everywhere" subscription series. Assholes.

  2. They are still taking orders for that! WTF! Better Looking records will always be on mine...and now that I mention it so will the Aagoo records, 55 bucks for like 3 7" picture discs...I hate thinking about it....damn you subscriptions! You know maybe I don't hate those people that subscribe and then resell...it's like the stock market, there's no guarantee's of even getting the records in the first place...if you take the risk, you should ebay those fuckers if you want. I guess the problem is, I want the records for a normal price! Is that so wrong?