Thursday, October 1, 2009

Green Green 'Swimsuit Drugs' on Out of Order - Orange Regret Records

Bear with me, there's a pretty weirdo background story of how I ended up with this latest offering from Out Of Order Records and Orange Regret Records.
I was working on this art project I needed 1" buttons for, and ended up coming across Heather's etsy store. When I emailed her at I had to check that out that URL because you never know... and of course there's a 7"! You just never know.

So I talked to Heather about her latest single (of course I couldn't help myself) and then I ended up interviewing her for the podcast which will be up the mean time I've been spinning this Swimsuit Drugs Green Green, (or for legal reasons) G Green single. Previous sold out releases from OOR, the Trashies and The Dissimilars are in the hardcore/punk side of the 45, while this GGreen outfit is punishing speakers in an altogether different way with his Low-Fi Uber Alles.

On the A-Side you're hit with 'Swimsuit Drugs'. I'm not sure what's more distorted; the guitar, or the vocals. It's definitely a different sound from both, not necessarily effects, but separate textures, the guitar input was turned up to 11, and then the vocals are run through some kind of pedal effect. But the thing that makes this more than another fuzzy, muffled tune is the vocal melody, or anti-melody I should say. He's honestly singing along to something no one can hear, it's pretty unique...I want to say he's something of a low-fi Tiny Tim....well, not exactly. It's like he's drowning, or drunk and really has something important to say. He's got the answers and no one is paying needless to say he's getting pretty frustrated. There's an organ-ish synth under all this that starts to break down as well, just running up and down the keys. It's working with it's own weirdo outsider logic.
It's mysterious how they arrived at this melody, what's going to happen to this live and why on earth they make drugs for swimsuits.

The B-Side 'Mouth on the Floor', is equally obscured by the sound waves being clipped off at high levels. For some reason I'm responding to this melody more than the A-Side, it's slightly less chaotic, and sticks with you. It's a textured recording of a tortured suffering guy just rocking out some kind of blues/folk in an underground cave. Again it's massively distorted/blown out/overmodulated, rerecorded, bounced down to fisher price's an art, this kind of texture. But really what I can't get over is the vocal stylings on this one. It's almost even more wavering, yelling. If it wasn't so blurred by no-fi I don't think I'd be able to make out much of what he's saying thanks to his style. I'm itching to hear this clear as day. It just might be more compelling. Impossible notes from a disturbed individual...I don't think he's faking.

300 pressed on black vinyl

Get it from Out of Order records, who says:

Hey all, Out of Order Records is back with a co-release with Orange Regret.

Green Green or GGreen, is a fine lad from Northern California who makes psych-pop, bedroom recordings which are fresh, revealing and fun. They sound extra great on vinyl.

You can now pre-order his debut on the elixir of musical formats, 7" vinyl!

Go to to pre-order the Green Green bundle which includes a 7" and button. Only 300 are being pressed and they are already going fast.

This beauty should be out by the end of April, fingers crossed.

Green Green also has upcoming releases on Malt Duck and on Pat's Stumparumper Records. Heather knows a good thing when she hears one.

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