Friday, October 2, 2009

Heather from Out Of Order Records Interview

This Friday's podcast, Episode 62 (20min) is an interview I did with Heather from Out of Order Records. We talked about her latest release from GGreen of course and how the single came about. She also got into her sold out pressings of The Dissimilars and The Trashies ... how she just beat Plastic Idol Records by an email to the tracks on the Dissimilars single. Heather was a DJ at KDVS and was exposed to an insane amount of music there with her show Live in the Warzone. She also publishes her Out of Order zine and comics about being vinyl obsessed.

As if I needed another perfect example of a homegrown label from someone passionate enough to put some money behind music they believe in, Heather made it sound way too easy and fun not to try...soon.

Very soon.

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