Monday, October 19, 2009

Melted Sunglasses on Weird Hug Records

Here's a new one from Weird Hug, a single from the band Melted Sunglasses who have connections to Jacuzzi Boys and TeePee??? Great southern weirdness in the Floridas Dying label scene.

Here the speakers are decoding grinding layers of guitars, sweet sustained distortion fed through a bad am radio speaker under the mess of scratchy vocals. I'm hearing a little Mayyors vibe here too, must be that pummeling full guitar.
Make no mistake, they want to rock, 'Yea.... It's party time' you get where this is going, balls out rock, act like an idiot, make some glorious noise. We're not too serious, you shouldn't be either.
'Sparks' the A-Side, is on their myspace and they are referring to that mutated jacked up sports drink, not the things that fly off in industrial videos from welding. You can just make out the can on the cover, very subtle, as soon as those guys put the needle on the record you should expect a call from their legal team.
I don't know how this fits into the above mentioned bands, if this is a one off side project, or you see where it goes. That seems to be an interesting trend, to see what hits, have a few projects going at once, it kind of shows no matter the talent, there's still a lot of luck involved.
Well go luck to you guys, great name and fuzzed out garage sound that's's a no brainer.

Get it from Weird Hug records...still pressing the freaking hits!

MELTED SUNGLASSES - s/t - Weird Hug - WHR 004 - 7"
Debut Single from Miami, Florida's MELTED SUNGLASSES. These guys just want to drink with you. Psychedelic, yet super catchy guitar riffs, with a luster of pounding punk sound. These songs showcase the guitar brilliance of band member Teepee and with songs about shotgunning Sparks cans and sunglasses melting off your face, these guys are just looking for a good time.

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  1. prunalogsusan5:01 PM

    i love it! this record sounds awesome without even actually hearing the darn thing.