Friday, October 16, 2009

I think I hate my 45's dot blogspot Interview

I ended up talking with Jim from I think I hate my 45's, a blog I follow regularly. We ended up emailing back and forth after my friend Matt from Boston in an old podcast mentioned the Wicked Farleys, and as it turns out his brother used to play with them, it's a tiny tiny world.
We tried to meet up at the Kurt Vile show at Mercury, but ended up talking for an episode for 7inches instead. Lot's of nerding out about live shows in NY, and of course those tiny pieces of vinyl that brought us together...Amoeba records, first singles, early Slumberland handmade sleeves, writing professionally and what he's going to do when he gets finally gets to Z.

Here's the podcast this week, my Interview with I think I hate my 45's. EP64, (27min)

I put up a streaming player thingy so those not inclined to download the MP3, and manually add it to itunes (someday I'll figure out the xml to subscribe) can listen instantly on the right column there.

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