Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raging Dickbrain - Prunalogsusan split on trigger on the Dutendoo

So Tim sent me another single from his Prunalogsusan project with a note that he'd prefer if I didn't post about it and Tim I just have to say, that's fucking ridiculous. This is an amazing sound collage, home recorded nightmare, especially when I think about 10 years ago, and the experimental cassette stuff I was dubbing from my friend Tim. Let alone making it every chance I got. Was it any good? I honestly think that's besides the point. this is a document that couldn't be made today...well, if this was pressed from material recorded in the last few months, then it's a faithful nostalgic look at the late 90's 4-track cassette culture. That's a very specific moment...Tim, you've nailed it and pressed on vinyl is the way it should be heard.

Tim also cleared up a few things about his last single, it seems the description I found for the '23' single was actually for this one, the sleeve which I complained about was actually an homage to an F.O.D. album from the 80's...oops, that one was lost on me...and the label is dute-n-doo, not the duodenum, which is what I think I was thinking about...yikes, I had to take it there.

The prunalogsusan side:
Now that I think about it, this is perfect for the ADD piece of me, not only is it a single, but it's 13 songs on the PP side, I'm definitely not ever wishing it would end already, in fact it's like I listened to a whole album without the extended mix. I fast forwarded through it. It's a cliff notes of the era and PP's body of work. I mean an extended release of some of these ideas really pushed out to 2 or 3 minutes wouldn't be a bad thing. I like the single forces these to their core elements, and you get the idea of what kinds of madness this guy is going through right away and it doesn't ever get boring. He's flipping channels and you're getting pieces of some insane things. You get a Burroughs audio cut-up.
You can't set out to record something like this, it really would have to develop over 10 years. You loose tapes, find an old projects unfinished, get a new instrument, scrap the drum track start over....find tapes you don't even remember recording...we're just scratching the surface with this single.

The Raging Dickbrain side:
Starts out with a lot of crap piano and growling, the sleeve lists 31 tracks and I don't know exactly how he's going to get to the other 30, unless this is like the Goldberg variations for animal from the Muppet''s halfway over, that's got to be it. So it's a conceptual album...alright. can't say I'm actually going to listen to that again...I also wish the tracks were separated, if you're listing them on the sleeve, it would be great to have to drop the needle down on one if you played it for some college radio station.

You can bet your ass this is playing at 33, or they would be in serious trouble. Love the sleeve this time by the way, those douche bags from some reality show, Heidi and her stupid boyfriend? Raging Dickbrain is pretty much perfect. Then the PP side is two more idiots the boyfriend is grabbing his girl awkwardly as she tries to get's bleak, more proof popular culture is a toilet.
Contact him directly at trigger.on.the.dutendoo (at) or go buy it now off ebay, you were looking at other 7"'s anyway.

By the way, I picked a winner last time for the Prunalog giveaway and it went unclaimed...first one to email me with 'Prunalog' in the subject gets the '23' single no strings attached...fingers crossed...please, please live in the US.


  1. prunalogsusan6:21 PM

    HECK's YEAH's. thanks man!
    you've nailed it jason.

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Canadian readers can snag a copy of this record by emailing obamababymamadrama AT

    R. Dickbrain