Friday, October 9, 2009

Sufjan live at Bowery

I caught the Sufjan show at the Bowery recently, his 'practice/workshop' tour and happened to record it. It came out pretty damn good, but I even spent time cleaning it up.
I'm listening to it right now, and not just because I'm posting it, because the new tracks are great, all electronic glitch, like Digital Ash Digital Urn, and he played every great song from Illinoise and Michigan...ridiculous
I swear you can hear someone crying, who came back by the bar to get napkins during Casmir Pulaski Day.
It's perfectly quiet, no one yells out songs like dickheads, really the only distracting thing is the floor creaking, and people whispering if you can believe that.
He's a god damn humble genius, he doesn't let you down. No wonder he sells out 4 nights in a row.
I have to sell some things for that BQE my kidneys.

So for the Friday show it's Sufjan at the bowery. All 7 hours.

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