Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coreyfukinfeldman on Trigger on the Dutendoo Records

Wow, Tim sent me another round of music from Trigger on the Dutendoo Records. He's been pressing personal music projects into singles since 2002!!! What can I say, all my bands never made it past the 'stereo' recording from the boombox in the garage...should they be pressed now? No, never. But Tim had the foresight to start a label! Damn. He's like Mississippi records for his own life. Next thing you know you turn around and there's another piece pressed in vinyl that you kind of forgot about, but when you go back and listen it's pretty amazing. You can't even find the master anymore, it's just that one scratchy record that encapsulates one night of insanity...or two nights in this case.
All the similar projects through history are lost on 4-track cassettes in Salvation Armies, but this one will be that touchstone for the double bass speed metal distorted punk vocals set.
Like any recently discovered artifact, there's a story behind it that sets the scene from Tim's personal mythology. It's all in the liner notes, but briefly, a band was formed one night with one bass amp, and two basses. Tim didn't play drums, so he was on drums. Friends living together in some really clean, beautifully decorated place probably. They record one night with the help of beer. The tape is then lost inadvertently, found a year or so later. It's then played on a karaoke machine and recorded onto another tape with feedback and distortion... lyrics are written... this time with the help of whiskey and the 13 best are pressed into's like a fucking Eno oblique strategy card!
The time and effort that went into this doesn't try to show off though, it's subtle. A lot of low end vibration, frantic thin beats that are almost completely overwhelmed by the rumbling bass in an apt room mic'ed, bleeding through the walls. Lyrically, I wish it was mixed a little more understandably, but let's remember what we're working with here and that it also just might benefit from being mostly buried at times...for your ears sake.

The problem is you'll miss out on the genius of 'Geris in the kitchen on a skateboard singin':
It's the 80's / Let's do a lot of coke / and vote for Ronald Reagan!!!
Jello would be proud. This is another mammoth 13 song EP from the Dutendoo. On 7"'s alone I've heard more songs from this guy than from an entire career of some bands full length recordings. I'm working on getting him on the phone for a podcast interview...that is if he can take a night away from pressing records.

He wrote me something on the back of an old show flyer and I completely agree. 'Records...are an open diary sort of thing, and if they didn't exist then it's all just a story of a drunken memory that's near impossible to explain.' It's like Summersteps don't need anyone, just put it together yourself and I guarantee it's a million times better than me wasting a minute thinking or listening to all the rest of the bullshit out there! Why? Because there's no alterior motives behind it, there's nothing but the desire to make music and unselfishly put it out into the world. That can be the number one criteria for owning a record for me.

I don't, however, take my own advice so no record of my life even exists yet. I need to start pressing records about what I had to eat this morning...but I won''s a funny idea, but I'll give up on it by lunch. Tim on the other hand... did it, and I am jealous....he went through with it and it's bad ass.

No myspace / label website...just hit up Tim directly at trigger.on.the.dutendoo (at) gmail to get your hands on all these documents....this guy is like the library of congress.
The library of Tim.

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