Thursday, November 19, 2009

Times New Viking / Axemen tour single

Picked this up last night at the TNV show at Mercury Lounge with the friend Pat told me to look out for a tour only single at the merch table, and there it was.
Does a band with the power of Matador behind it have to press a split single, hand color the xerox sleeve and inscribe the inner label for their US tour with the Axemen? HELL NO.
But they did it anyway.
I have to admire this.
Plus they set out to educate an audience to a NZ band that probably deserves more due that I've never come across before, I'm always up for that.

Didn't know anything about the Axemen before they went on other than the brief mentions at Siltblog after their reissue by Tom of a huge part of their back catalog. I stood there watching thinking, 'I'm sure these guys are important' especially to the first few rows. I've been reading about their protest albums/accident (crash) into some government office in NZ, they weren't in it for the money obviously. I can respect anyone touring 20+ years later etc...but it just wasn't my thing. The one time they got me was an insane hardcore blast, but honestly they didn't seem happy about it. Have to dive further into the Siltbreeze catalog.
They cover each other on this thing which I wasn't expecting at all. The Axemen track on the single 'SIcKh & TYRED' is a great interpretation of the track from the TNV Stay Awake EP. I'm into it when they replicate the back and forth Beth Adam vocals. Sounds good. They have to feel pretty cool that these guys covered one of their tracks for this. I honestly had no idea until I played it this morning.
Times New Viking on the other side cover 'Rocks in my Heart' by the Axemen. Which includes the lyric 'Sick and Tired' also I noticed...weird. They make this song fit into their catalog, emphasizing the pop chords and immediacy, all with just a touch their special fuzz. Excellent...can't believe this really. I am honored guys. It's too much.

Here's Jared working on the covers...


  1. prunalogsusan10:32 PM

    thats great!

  2. I got this at the same show and they didn't do crap to mine. No coloring and a blank black label. Oh well, maybe that will somehow make it a collector's item. Great show though.

  3. Oh man...that's crazy, well there's only 348 left.

  4. er actually theres none left. anywhere... the last bunch of 30 we sold to permanent records in chicago, they emailed me to say they'd purchase any extra ones we had, we have 10 each to take back to NZ for our friends and thats it... check eBay dude

  5. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Yeah the coloured-in ones sold out quick, so the slow-coaches had to suffer a virgin cover & disc. Mail it down to us in NZ we'll dress it up for ya.