Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hell On Earth 15 song demo on Trigger on the dutendoo records

Tim from Trigger on the Dutendoo records sent this to me with a huge pile of full length releases he's been putting out over the years which I'm going to get to shortly, but this was in the last pile of seven inches and I just got to it this morning.
From another early project called Hell on Earth, according to the liner notes it was released sometime 1997 or early 98 on a four track, weirdly enough Kevin Debroux from Pink Reason plays bass on this early Wisconsin artifact...in fact I found this post over on Terminal Boredom from Kevin:

I just got a copy of the Hell On Earth - Early Years: Hell Never Let's Go pt. 1 7" from Trigger on the Duten Doo. It was recorded in 1997 and features ME on bass. I can't explain how beautiful and ridiculous this is. From the same label that brought you Holy Shit!'s Jazz Phase. It's fifteen tracks of WEIRD THRASH. We played with bands like Dropdead, Diskonto, Crudos, From Ashes Rise, Talk Is Poison, Misery, Insurrection, Code 13 and just about every touring hardcore band that came through Wisconsin during the late 90's. We were a band's band. The favorite band of all the bands that got good writeups in places like Heart Attack, Profane and MRR although we never got much respect from the zinesters and respected figureheads in the scene as we were the most drugged out group of weirdos and outcasts in the scene.
It turns out all the members at one point or another from Coreyfukingfeldman have ended up in Pink Reason...my mind is officially blown this morning.
Now keep in mind it's super low quality recording of essentially thrash metal at super speed the tracks end up around 30 seconds, probably recorded live, press record and call it a day. That being said it actually is mixed at decently enough volumes...and it's bringing back some memories of my first recording experience.
I don't know how Dave found out I had a 4-Track or how I ended up at his house recording his metal band. Dave was the kind of guy who carved satanic shit into desks in the art room, and told everyone to fuck off. It was a tiny town, I played music had some faggy bands and Dave was 100% metal. The only thing I really remember was having their vocalist do a separate track with headphones in the attic and someone's mom practically breaking down the door and fucking up the takes yelling about the devil's music, she didn't want that in her house etc.
They screamed at her to shut the fuck up...my ears were already bleeding and I was pretty sure someone was going to get killed in the middle of the woods.
I wish I could find that tape, especially the outtakes.
The other thing I remember about Dave was that he used to hook up the bottom part of his Marshall stack to his stereo in his car somehow, it took up the entire back seat, and I thought that was pretty cool.
See this is what I'm getting from these metal demo's, fucked up times indeed. I think everyone really starts from this place, or anyone over 30 let's say. You hear Metallica, Ozzy, get a guitar for christmas and start a band with distortion chords and growly vocals. It might not last long, but you did it...admit it.
You just didn't press it on vinyl like Tim did.

He saved you a lot of trouble.

It available from Tim at trigger.on.the.dutendoo (at) gmail

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  1. Tim is one of the reasons I love life. I would never be playing music to this day without him. (and if i would have, in an alternate universe, the music would be dry and shitty) The fact that he put this out is proof that not everyone has to follow the universe's rules. Pet a cat the wrong way and open a bag of chips upside down. Only someone filled to the brim with pure beauty and integrity would put this out, and that goes with many of his other releases. One true motherfucker.