Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Urthquake/Noise Nomads split single from Spooky Tree Records

Darrin from Spooky Tree sent me a nice note and their latest batch of singles and I started with this first split from Noise Nomads and Urthquake who just finished touring together not long ago and I missed them at the Cinders Gallery.
In doing some research about Noise Nomads I think I found out that Jeff Hartford has something to do with Woods? I know Shepherds is (a) members of Woods....but some poster said they recognized one of the guys from Woods in Noise the internet said it, I believe it.
If that's true then that is one talented group of guys driving all kinds of amazing sound...and right in my backyard. It's insane, and I'm a little jealous...the Woodsist label, all the side projects... Silent's an entire flowchart scene in and of itself.

Whoever they are, Noise Nomads have the A-Side of this vinyl 'Soaked Blanket'. It starts off with really low bit sampled synth keyboard running through a ringtone effect, at least that's what I think anyway, this is really an exercise in trying not to examine the recording too much. The squeals, pitch shifted, homemade electronics's all layered on top of each other. The whole thing is slowed down towards the end, like someone holding their finger on the tape hole...see the old four track is good for something. It seems to all get more chaotic...I keep trying to listen if it's actually true...what parts are repeating...but it's impossible. Like a nightmare in a hong kong toy factory, the room where they product test all the beeping toys for longevity has caught on can watch it melt through the blast shielded door. Or listen to their last cries on this side thanks to Spooky Tree.
The Urthquake side is another solo noise maker, Bob Gratis, with a track 'Intra Muros'
this actually has some structure to it, with repeated regular synth sounds, and heavy effected guitar (?) that comes off as cymbals practically. It's an old videogame soundtrack you don't remember, or an 80's martial arts movie training/travelling montage. Like the sleeve, it's a moody, scary day in ancient greece, but eighties style. That era of naivety of new sound. It's a preset on this thing called a's going to change everything! Everyone's using it!
Then the massive explosion and a shattering of glass completely scares everyone in the room...I don't know what the hell that just was, but it sounded like the end of the world. I think our hero just karate chopped a huge crystal castle. I would authentically believe this was created 20+ years ago.
Great weirdo noise split from Spooky Tree records go get it...more to come...

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  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    noise nomads has nothing to do with woods.