Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Moby Dicks on Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Paul from 7,10,12 has diverted his energies as of late from his great blog into The Mammoth Cave recording Co. and playing bass for The Moby Dicks who have this single on MC. Paul was kind enough to send all of the Cave's releases so far which I'll be highlighting this week and hopefully getting him on the phone to talk about his label and the Dicks.

This sleeve has been sitting on top of my speaker for about a week and it makes me hungry, or want to puke every time, what can I say it depends. Right now, I'm hungry, but when I think about spelling Moby Dicks in condiments, it get me...I think I hate mustard, that yellow shit kind. I'm about to turn into 7inchslam for a minute as I get into Poutine. I once saw Anthony Bourdain go to Montreal in an episode of No Reservations and have was a god damn revelation. It has to be the most amazing, laziest perfect group of food aside from nachos. It's the kind of thing that came from some genius who said, I like these things: french fries, meats, mash potatoes, gravy, but put cheese on top, not just any cheese but cheese curd. I don't know exactly why that's so awesome but it is. There's one place on 2nd Ave near 7th street that actually has Poutine, I'm sure it's a sad pathetic version of the stuff served at the Red Dog Diner in Lethbridge, Alberta, but it's as close as I'm going to get in NYC. Apparently they have cheap hot dogs and now have been immortalized by the Dicks on the A-Side 1st track of this single. In classic pop punk Ramones fashion they pound out, harmonize, and state the obvious:
The Red Dog Diner has cheap hot dogs / and the place is run by frogs
The chorus rules this one, there's drunks trying to start a fight...if I ever find myself near Alberta I'm making a special visit. This is fist pumping with a punchy bassline. The vocals are layered and really, I know more bands then the Ramones, but this is just such a direct reference for me. The melody... the slightly layered 50's greaser vocals.
The next track ' Fuck off baby' sounds like it's the 2nd part of 'Ballad...' there;'s no break on the vinyl, and again, the lyrics aren't some obscure personal hidden project, he just wants to be clear:
'Why don't you fuck off baby / get lost'

The drums are flat and distorted, like a piece of sheet metal and there's a weird bass synth sound shooting in giving it all that ominous feel. This time it's serious. The fun loving, hard drinking band is gone, they are pissed. Makes sense.
The B-Side rounds it out with 'Mike Molloy' a more howling blues rock track where he's asking 'does she love me?' to Mike? It's probably one of those drunken nights where Mike was sitting at the bar and you're a mess, and it's because of a woman of course.
Finally there's a cover(?) of Hubble Bubble's Pogo Pogo. Don't know the original, but I love that they changed it up a bit to be about a lake monster called Ogo Pogo. It's classic fucking around with friends, these friends just happen to be able to actually play their instruments.
It's got the sloppy fun of Personal and the Pizza's and the blues rock scuzz of the Oblivians, get this one from the Mammoth Cave Recording Co.:

A1: Ballad of The Red Dog
A2: Fuck Off Baby
B1: Mike Molloy
B2: Ogo Pogo (Hubble Bubble Cover... kind of)

Comes with Download Code

The Moby Dicks are a three piece (bass/guitar and two super shitty tom drums duct taped together) featuring two current members of Myelin Sheaths (HoZac single coming soon!) and two past members of Endangered Ape (RIP).

I wont hesitate to say that this 7" has it all - songs about a rad French-Canadian Hot Dog joint in the heart of the Canadian Bible-Belt ("Ballad of the Red Dog"), girls ("Fuck Off Baby" and "Mike Molloy" - a song named after the proprietor of the local record shoppe, but actually about girls) and a mythical Lake Monster ("Ogo Pogo", which is actually a cover of Hubble Bubble's "Pogo Pogo" with the words changed around). Fans of Nobunny, Hunx, Personal and the Pizzas will love this.

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