Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sharp Ends on Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

In the same batch of releases from Mammoth Cave was this Sharp Ends (why do I keep thinking of split endz....jesus) single. The sleeve reminded me of a teepee release a while and white line drawing of something tribal, but then it's a head eating another head. Get that tattoo around your bicep jerk-off!
Then I'd respect you.
Crack Trap the first track on the A-Side...A tom-centric beat and bassline supports this Fugazi sounding plucked harmonic melody with dark deep vocals that's taking me back to listening to Peter Murphy on cassette, but PM never rocked like this. There's no pretentiousness cutting you up. It's dense intelligent post punk, there's no repetition, the vocals found their place back in the mix, but somehow has a dialogue with itself, back and forth, layered and then single line. Damn it's really bringing back Fugazi like crazy, the more I hear this, the chorus call and response, the energy...and I mean that in the way that there isn't a specific sound Fugazi ever really had, you could just hear the distinction between them and everyone the details.

'Loaded Hearts' on the B-Side is more frantic, I'm even recalling the Replacements here, it's brief, full of more power-ish chords, a little more raw. Rocking with the layered vocals just out of reach and attempting to get the party started this time instead of encourage the dread so much. Just completely solid, they've got something. Mammoth Cave dug out a pretty amazing gem. I'm looking for the Hozac single now as well, I get the feeling every single thing is going to be just as interesting.

A: Crack Trap
B: Loaded Hearts

Fresh off their debut on Chicago's Hozac Records, Sharp Ends deliver their 2nd of three 7"s coming out in Fall 2009 (with each single decreasing in availability). For this single, Sharp Ends combine their post-punk/early Joy Division vibe with decidedly more of a pop sensibility, even displaying elements of power-pop on the b-side, Loaded Hearts. The killer here is the a-side Crack Trap, which has one of the catchiest guitar hooks we've heard in some time. Essential.

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