Monday, January 25, 2010

Myelin Sheaths - 'Do the mental twist' on Horizontal Action Records

Paul from Mammoth Cave is currently touring with the Myelin Shealths who have this single out on Hozac, so I thought I'd give this a listen before I continue on with the latest singles on the Cave. Looks like they have one more show this month if you are in the Lethbridge area on the 31st, you are going to see these guys somewhere...probably the Red Dog Diner.

'Do the Mental twist', which should be the A-Side if I'm not wrong has an insane amount of reverb and delay distortion ricocheting around in a haze... the layers just keep piling on. Is that a cymbal crash or all treble chords? This is classic garage, fed through the indecipherable machine. Not insanely overdone, it's still a party, not a statement. The back and forth blown out vocals from Martine and Cassandra (or just one of those two) are perfect on every track, it's surfy and greaser punk with a little blues, and all balls. Cavernous drums and nearly arty feedback take this to another level, it's all blown out on the smallest speakers.
'Drugstore pharmacy' ups the ante with some weirdo gary war wavering organ, in front of the wall of echo vocals. It's managing to still be in a total wash of sound with the melodies desparately holding it together, definitely more than a sum of it's parts somehow.

I can't stress enough the recording process on these tracks will keep you guessing, expertly crafted to just be on the verge of a solid waveform.
The tone on this is perfect, they are doing everything right.

Paul was recently interviewed for The New Canadian Modern about the Sheaths and you should check that out here.

Get it from Hozac.

Just a quick note as well, Patt from Stumparumper Records launched a kickstart project to keep the label alive, he's put out a ton of stuff this year and there are some great deals on packages of singles and full lengths if you pledge by April 24th, so if you haven't picked up his is the time. I should be covering his latest this week as well, looking forward to that.

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