Friday, January 22, 2010

Bash Brothers - 5 song EP on Vinyl Guru Records

Bash, or Bash Brothers is two friends Lindsay Coulton and Kristjanne Vosper. Like the truly solo 4-track bedroom project, I have a special place on my 7" shelves for duos. Is there something magic about two people having to work a little bit harder than a 3 piece to make some serious noise? Is it the intimacy of the rehearsals, performances, traveling on the road that make it less work in some ways, that makes it more willing to take chances or indulge weirdo tracks? It's a special rock and roll situation...The White Stripes, Handsome Furs, The Yips, Ween, the list goes on and on. Before I read the liner notes it wasn't even an's not something that's obvious on the single. Pounding overdriven drums, a little too loud, just the way I like 'em, fuzz pedal bass, or a crazy destroyed amp, punch in the vocals after a couple of takes, and you have a 5 song 7" EP like this.

Kristjanne has that destroyed raspy vocal like Jemina Pearl, or the Coathangers style scream/yelling, which is impossible to have playing without noticing the insane choice of lyrics like:
'I had a party hat on when I came out of my mom!'

'My aunt gave me lots of soap now I smell me wherever I go!'
At first I have to admit, it was a little direct, maybe the lyrics too obvious...I don't need completely obscure poetry or something, but then this could get old quick, but the last track 'Rat Jacket' has completely won me over, 'Rat Jacket! You don't know what's right or wrong!' and by the end they crack themselves up and have to stop playing in the middle of the track. It's not tongue in cheek party music, it's punk, but they aren't going to stab you either. Classic first band, nothing to do, fuck off wanker punk that isn't taking things too seriously.
Then on 'Modern Day Robinhood', it gets all Sleater Kinney, another completely ridiculous premise, but the harmony they pull is great. As soon as I stopped taking them so seriously it was a million times better, that's my cynical fault. It's sounding more and more like a Ween side project, with really authentic garage Yips sound.

But then maybe it was this profile from the stay at home blog on these two that really drove it home, they're having a good time and it's obvious. I get can get behind people who are in it for the sheer fun of playing and pressing a single. I bet they've never even been to SXSW.

Did I mention it's a hand numbered, white vinyl, big hole 45? I think it was pressed by Vinyl Record Guru, which is not a label, but an actual pressing plant?
It's available in the K Recs shop....or maybe contact them directly on their myspace? Mammoth Cave forwarded this along, so they may carry copies as well. That's the best I can do.

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