Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with Eric from La Corde

It finally Friday, but not just any Friday...this one includes a beautiful Monday. It's time for a very special episode of 7Inches, this time with La Corde, who sent me their single just a week or so ago. I talked with Eric who was drinking beer in the park talking to the 7Inches on the cell was a vision of my future this weekend.
We talked about some band history, influences, how their single was recorded and even the politics of music...without the Dead Kennedys would I even know where cambodia was?
Here's a bunch of totally nice guys, putting out a single themselves and getting it out there. On their myspace you can check out these tracks and a bunch of shows they are playing this weekend all over the northwest coast. Go see them live, or listen to this interview down below since you have a whole extra day.
Or, if you really have time,
download it, and put it on your whatever!
I'm really phoning it in!
Did I mention 'Every Day' does not include holidays?

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