Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dan Melchior on Hozac Records Hookup Klub Yr 3

Honestly sometimes Hozac makes me think why would I think it's alright to press singles when there's a label like this putting together sleeves like Rayon Beach with Alex P Keaton in an emotional moment. There's no way they have clearance for that, it's so completely ballsy you know this is going for the tunes inside. I start to get ideas about instead of spending the money to press one seven inch I could just get the entire Hozac catalog and be set for music FOREVER! But it never ends, I'll never be satisfied.

Here we have the Hookup Klub Year 3 single from Mr Dan Melchior. He's another guy I've seen way to many releases about and for some reason just haven't gotten a chance to sit down and really figure out where he's coming from, and that's how the singles club is freaking essential every year. The bands I look back on in that series....I need to go reorganize that section of the shelves again. Everytime I go back to these I've changed, the bands have changed and it's a whole new thing having a history behind them a couple years later. Oh shit..these

A-Side, "Yachts" starts off with the sludgiest, slow trudging, mass of a bassline... quivering, and most definitely slowed down. This pounding beat is even taking forever, a high tinny electric melts the direct line right in, along with this big doubled vocal and echo in that straightforward delivery as far away from melodic singing as possible. By the time this lyric is even halfway finished it's hard to remember where it started. The sort of thing that might have been conceived of and played stone drunk, it has that lazy see saw rhythm losing it's balance for a second and then righting itself. All derived from that experimentation place, like an ancient soul sucking jerk Beck kind of bassline with this slow phaser strums punch in and out. A kind of anti-energy, trying to find out if this hyptnotic ultra slow bpm will eventually take over and drive itself. A weird futuristic soul, something of a looser Mattress, slide distortion that isn't going for any kind of recognizable melody instead reaching right into that pure psych space. There are trails all over this thing, dirty psych trails.

B-Side "Barry Mundane Has Plans" is a distant big chord strummer, an awful like the way Sebadoh would switch gears at the drop of a hat on an old cassette... leading or kind of emulating, starting at that point you sort of recognize, a faint '70s sound with a synth sound coming in loud and clear along with those vocals right into the mic this time, just as lazy and taking it's time, everything rhythming with that last verse word. Even a little Jeff Novak for a second, compared to that other side. A beefy serious landscape solo, so sincere and just over the top... I could see obsessing over this stuff, I definitely want to hear how a full length is going to play out to hear all the promise of the thousand directions Dan is willing to go at the drop of a hat, in the middle of the night, the home recording ROCK. Slowly punching in layers, but not to that textural breaking point. Just making the most out of these weird unused sound settings.

"Stig and the Queefs" is positively bustling, glasses klinking, it's almost a sketch song, some kind of punk band playing in the background, the whole scene of a shitty club present. (see where Dan is willing to go?) and these two guys are having this yelling over the music conversation about how awesome all this obscure shit is and how americans suck. A band within a band... a recording of going to see a band? Perfectly crazy and there's a million possibilities here. The conversation is douchy, this band sold out, and he mentions the Lime Spiders? I think he's making fun of this scene and at the same time, identifing with it. He knows enough to mention those guys....but then I guess I've heard of them too....shit Dan, that's fucked up.

Get in on that Hookup Klub or get it from Dan direct!

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