Saturday, June 16, 2012

Golden Boots - Viking Moses/Teenage Mysticism handcut singles from PIAPTK

Mike makes me jealous. Not only is he doing really crazy things with the singles themselves, like this square translucent picture disc, but then he's cutting them himself. Basically to have that kind of freedom coming up with projects and runs of stuff would be pretty amazing. It's no wonder he's worked with some impressive big shots on previous stuff. I've only had a brush with Golden Boots before and don't know either of the guys on that split lathe picture disc, but when you're putting it on a work of art like that, the fact there's a song in those grooves is just a bonus. Pick up both of these artifacts from People in a Position to Know.

Golden Boots - BeezKneez/Be My Champ 2x7" - A double 7" picnic plate release of new Golden Boots tracks... One Dmitri tune (Be My Champ) and one Ryan tune (BeezKneez) on two one-sided picnic plates in beautiful hand-silkscreened medical folders made by the band. Limited Edition of 50. The band has 25 and we have 25.

Viking Moses/Teenage Mysticism Split 7" Translucent Picture Disc - These went from concept to reality in less than 3 days... Put together for a VM/TM tour which included some dates opening for Viking Moses' old protege, Deer Tick. Beautiful translucent lathe cut square picture discs in hand-made covers. Each cover has one side watercolored by Viking Moses and one side is water colored by Teenage Mysticism. Each one is unique. Only 50 made.

Don't forget Mike will spend this kind of time and attention on your weirdo vanity project at Lathecuts...bust out those cassettes for 'remastering'!

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