Sunday, July 8, 2012

Husky Dudes EP on Bombay Cove records

Perfect backyard, or rooftop as the case may be, listening from an Austin based 4 piece classic punk band with a freaking great sleeve (the reverse is even better). I wasn't sure if this would be some kind of parody/cover band, but it's just a straight up competent old school punk sounding EP single.

A-Side "Hollow Human" starts out with a recorded phone message and a distant, thin sounding guitar then blowing in with doubled up riffs. That great basic distortion sound, hardly even playing that fast really, with those distorted hardly melodic vocals like Suicidal Tendencies. Pissed off and keeping this thing above water with that booming dirge rhythm.
"Bank" has these guys swapping between that slow grumble and growly vocals and the sped up hardcore sound. Slow it down again into the cleanly recorded pieces, you can even follow lyrically, riot and banks, sounds about right. There's nothing like this to throw a little kerosene on the fire.
B-Side, "Destroy My Kind", fast drum roll and wind up the guitars for the title chorus, less is more when it comes to melody. Throw a little bit of that slow metal headbang in there for good measure. "Gotta" then brings back a sample from some old teen movie? Going for a beefy number this time, stutter metal to big change melody...even a minute for a out of tune solo, going for it, this isn't supposed to be pretty. Yelling vocals, almost in a Bleach sort of pissed of easy to follow chant. Nice. "Cuidado" lets the bass in first and high tempo screechy guitars. This one sounding a little more fucked up than the rest, a real fast spaz hardcore to the slow drop again. Messing with that expectation of where this ought to be going...and you get a pretty good idea of the range of this live show.

Punk, political, hardcore bands listen up, these guys just have a bandcamp page and have this to say about everything else:
Fuck myspace.
Fuck facebook.
email: jeeezmaaan [at] hotmail [dot] com
Absolutely. Myspace is a given, but if you're serious about what you're doing, railing against banks...stuff like that then if you have a facebook page? Stop trying to get rich and just kick ass. Now maybe this is going to hurt your booking chances, or how many 'likes' you might get...but why do you care about that crap in the first place. They're putting their money where their mouth is and it counts. One more bad ass point in my book. The white vinyl is throwing me though, shouldn't this be that shitty thin black stuff?

Get it from Bombay Cove Records.

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