Saturday, July 7, 2012

N.E.C. - Natural Extension Concept on 'Spective Audio Records

Got an email from Nick over at 'Spective Audio Records about a band on his label, N.E.C. out of Atlanta. An insanely hand made single showed up reminding me of the stuff the guys over at Black Tent Press are putting out, the packaging sets the expectation high for this dense haze of psych.

A-Side's "Six" had me thinking this was heading in an art/noise direction with an electronic feedback rising out of the opening silence. The multiple screened pass sleeve, painstakingly labor notes anywhere on this thing...printed on what looks like the reverse sleeve of one of their full length releases further mudding the waters... and that's when this immense rolling psych rumble swarms in with energy. A hypnotic swirling rhythm with massive cave reverb, a big delay on the subtle background vocal just hinting at something slightly sinister. But the psych fog isn't content, always ramping up the dense sound with tom fills, letting loose for a moment as this nonstop guitar line explodes in pure distortion, speed bass and cymbal crashes. They keep upping the ante. The 33 speed giving this whole rolling rhythm the space to spread out and keep reaching higher and higher. A wah pedal screeching the distortion into something impassable. Really capturing the energy of this sound these guys are putting together as a nonstop pummeling force... that ends suddenly with the humming feedback of effects.

B-Side's "Popsickle" carries this dreamlike atmosphere into a more optimistic, pop place, decidedly more upbeat than the opening side, and pounding out a new swirling sideways beat. A great combination of the Jesus and Mary Chain ability at ungodly phase shifting fuzz and Wooden Shjips loose west coast looong delay. There's always a new plateau to work up to with ever increasing haze that they manage to sustain for a huge part of the track. This one is even distant cousins of that Vivian Girls or Crystal Stilts in harnessing that '70's 13th Floor Elevators cool, collected wax paper glasses feel but with a solid energy. The tempos are high, all mixed into the same unbending sound wave. The kind of thing that throws an incredible amount of sounds on tape, always holding back juts a little and must be a hell of a band to catch live.

Don't take it from me, go check out their site and download the title track "Six" and get it from 'Spective Audio. Only 100 of these pressed and this one will definitely be gone soon. Email these guys below who also put out their full length.

PayPal $8 PPD USD / email regarding other mail options or International Orders. PayPal / email: spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com

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