Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Surr on infinity Cat Records Econoline series

Got an email from Big Surr last week about their single coming out on Infinity Cat Records as part of their Econoline series. It seems like when it's summer you can't get enough of these steamy, layered laid back tracks for the slow drive around, windows down, everything in slow motion and if it's winter you want to just be reminded of those times when things weren't so freezing cold...this one wins either way pretty much.

Checked out the video for one of the tracks on this one, "Cosine, Tangent", first of all what gives them the idea to title this with big school math terms! We're out here in the sand living it up with bonfires and burying lobsters in the firepits or something, I don't care about those degrees and probability graphs...but the huge blur sound from Big Surr let's them get away with it somehow. Maybe just to remind you math can be useful when figure what a low rent price this from this Nashville label that brought you Natural Child, Jeff and the Brotherhood. "Cosine, Tangent" has those heavy delayed vocals echo-ing forever inside a giant smooth cavern. Massive chords played in slow motion, harmonies elevating the whole thing into the heavens, feedbacking waves fading in and out. Like a dirty, distortion hazed Real Estate, the melodies creep up on you and just get better and better. Extended, the song thankfully takes forever and they break the zone out with a serious insane solo to snap you out of the lull for a minute and separate them from the typical shoegaze track. Infinity Cat says:

Big Surr is a fun band made up of five bebes who like to eat pizza and ice cream.
We recently released our Baked + Bruised 7" through the Infinity Cat Econoline series. The overall vibes are '90s shoegazey beach vibes. The songs sound warm & huge and feel like you are either drowning in an endless, warm outerspace ocean; layin' around at the beach in a black&white tv screen; or hanging out at a hazy, slow-motion Ty Segall houseparty where the roof is about to explode because everyone is having too much fun inside.

Get it from Infinity Cat or the band direct, I love this series and this single is a great big one, for summertime or those fond memories.

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