Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moon Duo / Psychic Ills split on Sacred Bones Records

Just heard about this spit single from Sacred Bones who also just put out that Eraserhead soundtrack, not sure how they managed the rights to rerelease that but maybe it had something to do with the Zola Jesus David Lynch remix of In Your Nature, he's got to be a fan of the label and that could have been the next obvious collaboration with the director...crazy. This one pictured is a split single from two big psych names, Psychic Ills who recently moved over to Sacred Bones from Social Registry and Moon Duo has been steadily putting out stuff on the label and are a perfect match. It figures they're already good friends and this is the best use of a 7" single, when you're already a fan of one of these guys and can be exposed to another related artist. In this case most people are already are into both so it's really a no brainer and why there's a strict one per person limit. I also appreciate when a label tries to get these into the hands of the most fans and not just the ebay flippers.
The track below is from Psychic Ills, who I haven't heard a whole lot of, the tremolo guitars are extra wavery, the distorted melody taking it's time over the mandatory airy organ. Tres Warren on vocals has a real clear, dusty western delivery, a little like MV+EE, or a southwestern POP 1280...a slow drawn out lyric. Could even end up in a playlist with some alt-country guitar based more somber numbers. Mirages and dustbunnies...down Kent Ave.

Get it from Sacred Bones says:
New split 7-inch offering from our two best-known psych roster acts, Moon Duo and Psychic Ills. Longtime friends, these two bands finally came together for a collaborative release. “Zoned” is hard charging burner which clearly indicates how much this band ups the ante with every new release. “Take Me With You” finds Psychic Ills locked into a deep repetitive choogle put through the same fried VU meter displayed on their recent Hazed Dream LP, yet clearly moving toward a more straight-ahead approach to song writing. The upfront vocals make this easily one of their most catchy songs to date and the right soundtrack for your travels; whether by subway, highway or other means.

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