Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 new ones from Slumberland: Allo Darlin' and Evans The Death

Just heard about these two new ones Slumberland is offering together in this package deal, both pressed on colored vinyl. I've been hearing things about both these bands and seeing that they've recently both put together singles for Slumberland, I checked out the Slumbercloud immediately.
It's always good to check out Slumberland here and there when I've had my fill of angry metal rumblings or spazzy punk and remember what it was like to live in an innocent little house on the prairie where you didn't lock your doors and had the whole summer to mess around with your friends.
This is a great combination that would even be perfect on a split, but the next best thing really is to press them both as their own singles, especially when pretty much anything Slumberland is behind these days is going to be the brightest unselfconscious pop committed to vinyl.

The track "Catch Your Cold" from Evans The Death a London four piece has a dense combination of shoegaze and jangle indie pop, the bent faded chords have My Bloody Valentine written all over them, while on the surface you have that bouncy driving easygoing melody. There's sort of that underlying weirdness happening in the lyrics as well, scared of getting old and public transit workers…in that funny kind of unrelated way. Katherine Whitaker has a lower register vocal that can bury itself in this fuzzy pop, reminding me of The Pretenders, Chrissy Hynde at times or a caffeinated Nico…it fits this combination of dark and light. In that way they're following that tradition of the Smiths, you have a girlfriend...YAY, she's in a coma...BOO.
The next single is from another UK band, Allo' Darlin, this being at least their second single with Slumberland, and as usual, they've written more of their blinding pop without a hint of irony or sarcasm on this track, "Northern Lights". Elizabeth Morris makes this whole thing completely sincere and unbelievably upbeat, with just a hint of an accent which definitely doesn't hurt. It's pure, classic indie pop, acoustic and jangly electric and Elizabeth has a voice made for this twee sound. Both of these guys remind me of Girlfriendo, Bunnygrunt, or The Besties and remembering how they made pop so good, I didn't care anymore what was supposed to be cool. You like it if you like it. Stop fighting the fun.

Get them both from Slumberland here.

We're taking pre-orders now for two great new singles from Allo Darlin' and Evans The Death. Both feature non-LP b-sides and as usual are pressed on lovely color vinyl.

The superbly jangly "Northern Lights" is the third single to be taken from Allo Darlin's excellent second album "Europe." Written about a New Year's Eve spent in Sweden the song somehow manages to imbue a wintery scene with a sweet breath of sunshine as Elizabeth Morris' voice rings out clear as a bell and Paul Rain's guitar melodies shine brightly. It’s backed by "Golden Age," a B-side which seems to exist simply to prove that Allo Darlin’ have super-catchy melodic pop gems to burn. All copies pressed on orange vinyl.

Evans The Death are back with this ace new single, truly on the the highlights on an album that's full of them. Insanely catchy and bursting with youthful energy, "Catch Your Cold" is the kind of tune that makes you realize that there is still plenty of joy to be found in good old guitar pop. Look out too for B-side "Crying Song" for which the band persuaded comedian Stewart Lee to sob uncontrollably over their rambunctious musical backing. All copies on white vinyl with a cool silver-embossed sleeve.

For a limited time we're offering the new singles from Allo Darlin' and Evans The Death together at a special discounted price, or of course you can order them separately.

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