Friday, October 5, 2012

The Coathangers & Heavy Cream split on Suicide Squeeze

Oh shit, this one was up for preorder at Suicide Squeeze, and already sold out... you're going to have to check distro's and your local record store to grab a copy of this. I'm a little surprised, just because 750 seems like an awful lot of 45's, but then again, these two together are a perfect match, and they're going to easily share fans and spread the good punk word. The Coathangers have been steadily putting out a bunch of singles with Suicide Squeeze lately, and I'm guessing they've got some kind of full length coming out soon, but people can't get enough apparently. I appreciate they don't ever take themselves too seriously and I've been meaning to catch up with some of their new stuff. I still love "Don't touch my shit" and their sloppy fun approach to making no rules junk-punk. It's dirty and all over the place, but it's in support of always having a good time. It doesn't seem like it's gotten to be work yet for The Coathangers and they still find time to play Death by Audio whenever they're in town. The last time I caught them there, they handed out halloween candy. The freaking nicest…they always seem like they want you to join in the party instead of yelling at you to get the fuck out of here.
Heavy Cream is a perfect split collaborator for the Coathangers and I just realized there's a Seth Sutton/Useless Eaters connection, I think he played on their last record…or is even part of the band…so you can bet these are fast and tight hard hitting pop punk, a different approach to the same endgame. Track this one down and check out the Coathangers track over at pitchfork.

Limited to 750 copies! Atlanta, Georgia's favorite raucous daughters, The Coathangers, return with the second installment in their series of four split 7"s on Suicide Squeeze Records. This time, The Coathangers' effortless amalgam of garage rock righteousness, riot grrrl bad-ass-ness, and post-punk jaggedness is paired up with the propulsive proto-punk of their former tourmates in Nashville's Heavy Cream. Fans of The Coathangers are already accustomed to the beer-soaked, dance-inducing jams whipped up by bassist Meredith, guitarist Julia, keyboardist Candice, and drummer Steph, but on "Merry Go Round" the quartet swap instruments and knock out their most solid and catchy number to date. With The Coathangers raising the bar with their newest song, Infinity Cat Recordings artists Heavy Cream countered by contributing "Toasted" to their side of the split. With it's big and bold drumbeat, driving guitar chords, sing-along chorus, and blown out production, "Toasted" not only sounds like a fitting addition to JEFF the Brotherhood's record label, it sounds like the long lost rock n' roll gem that first incited Joan Jett and Johnny Ramone to pick up guitars back in the `70s. With the first of The Coathangers' split singles on Suicide Squeeze now out of print (the highly coveted pairing with Puerto Rican party rockers Davilla 666), it's not hard to imagine the 750 copies of this 7" (250 opaque red, 500) selling out fast. Grab it while you can.

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