Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hot Lunch on Who Can You Trust Records

How could I forget the heavy psych metal scream of Hot Lunch from their Alakazam single on Who Can You Trust Records? I didn't and neither did Who Can You Trust, answering their own question when it comes to this throwback perfectly assembled monsters of rock '70s sound. It leaves me still asking the question though, how does a German record label come across this heavy sound out of San Francisco and nail these stoners down for not just one single, but TWO!

A-Side's "Killer Smile" is laying the thick as brick foundation heavy sound, it's a freaking anvil falling out of the sky from the minute the track starts. You think you remember how hard this is, just how fast and loud they're bringing this rock, but you don't. Vocally this dude is balancing this gritty, pained yell with a belted melody. I love their freaking massive wah sound, no one has utilized that pedal like this in years! The tom passes through the left and right channel, across the whole stadium, that's exactly where this was recorded. It's the kind of sound destined for that space, to the point it would actually improve on this. The bigger the stacks, the more echo and delay off each successive speaker reaching back to the nosebleed would just add to this.
Hot Lunch is sweaty and hot, like Foghat and anything Sabbath, sweet old school classic rock, just swamps and warm thundery distortion. Half metal lyrics, or just blinded by moonshine:
I want to paint your lips red / with the blood of your foe
Completely sweet shit like that.
Screaming heavy, nuts pipes and this explodes into total metal, getting dangerous but then tinted with that hillbilly rock and stuff, speed up the blues riff with a tankful of distortion and you got this. Taking the long way around the arrangement to get back to this end chorus. Fantastic. Where's the rock school these guys are graduating from?

I love this insert card, I love their graphics, I love that they love 80's skate jams and analog tape and massive tube amps, these guys are back to the roots, all class.
"You're alright" is a cover from an old school skate movie, Skateboard Madness....and I mean early, like early '80s, by the time I got that gator gonzalez deck, skating had changed into something different from this thing. This is the perfect tough almost glam rock vocal, the rest of the band comes in on on backup harmony with lots of room for blown out solo's. Gravelly and rough, this is perfectly about 40 years past due, they reproduce this texture perfectly. I want to watch Thrasher or that Dogtown doc...although didn't those movies always have shitty 80's bands in them? LIke new wave bloops... they could have used more of this tough as leather southern skids sound, demin jackets and switchblades and less neon. Hot Lunch are here to rectify that for all time. Full length coming soon.

Black vinyl, big hole, because you better have an adapter god dammit, with killer graphics (that should be a t-shirt like the peralta screaming hand, just a no sleeve grey sweatshirt) on the cover from Who Can You Trust Records who is way ahead of the curve.

Released in an edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.

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  1. Thanks for the rad review!

  2. HOT LUNCH f#§$ing rock!! Skaterock back from the future!