Monday, October 29, 2012

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs on Hosehead / Uncross your arms Records

Hey 7inches, it's the perfect stormy day to hunker down with some canned goods and battery powered turntable and rearrange the seven inch shelves starting with this new one from Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs on Hosehead /Uncross your arms records. A great kind of laid back country/garage with attitude, making me want to pull out the Natural Child records and give them another spin as soon as this over.

"All to Myself" is that sort of loose jangly, feel good classic porch rock sound, with the whole band coming in on this singalong, "Oh I love you baby, want ya al to myself". Sam that next verse has such a Paul Westerberg rough style vocal it's nuts. Not that it's any kind of impression, but with his raspy, half cocked delivery I could exactly see this type of american country demo style from those guys...way back at the beginning of their albums where anything goes, track to track. This is also related to that Nude Beach II album...this kind of working class straight up rock. This sentiment is great too, a drunken sincere moment that you probably aren't going to get if you didn't catch him at just the right time, when it's all coming together and you step back for a second and remember what it used to be like single. Couple of guitars, everyone stepping up the the mic, let's make some damn music.
B-Side's "Do ya Feel it Too?" goes further back into that layered harmony garage sound, poppy fun rock for an ancient worn out wood dancefloor in the basement of the VA center. Something like Hunx or Shannon and the Clams, that electric reverb shaking, solid backbeats and rumbling basslines, all classic rhythms, but really, it's about the band singing along together in the background, back in front all together, sloppy and all feeling. That live rock sound they hit on a pretty together take that's all about the moment of that imperfect session. Leave the punching in for a band that doesn't have this chemistry, you have to hear this exactly like this.
"Lose that bitch" then goes for that Nobunny gleeful, garage with punk nods, super pop, handclaps and attitude. They have to sing at the top of their lungs almost peaking out on the vocals, insanely catchy with advice for their friend. The sound of Sam belting out this verse in the hard walled studio, that touch of empty room echo is completely perfect. The slower warm reverb, back and forth across the speakers and crazy falsetto raspy or ultra baritone backup singing is going to make things alright in the middle of this wreck of a storm. Take it easy and kick your shoes off while the water rises.

On black vinyl, foldover xerox sleeve with download code, and insert, solid record, should be hearing a lot more of these guys, pick it up on Hosehead Records.

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