Friday, October 26, 2012

Spider Bags on Sophomore Lounge Records

Here comes Sophomore Lounge with a new single, seem like those guys were all about the full length's lately, but Spider Bags walked in with a couple of pouches full of tracks that Sophomore had to press into vinyl. Right or wrong, I have pieced together into some kind of weird narrative. Spider Bags are based in Chapel Hill, NC headed up by Dan McGee of DC Snipers fame with deep roots and connections to virtually everyone....Shawn from The Limes, John Wesley Coleman III??!!!, and Jack Oblivian among others have had something to do with their records...and vice versa I'd imagine. It's all incestural.... you know if this is anything you're interested in, and then you've got a whole lot of guys to keep tabs on, and Spider Bags has always been one of them.

"Papa was a shithead" has a big power pop sound, pounding this title lyric right down your tiny throat, Dan barely catching his breath from verse to verse, ending up as a somewhat restrained or matured? kind of punk though.... "gave mom syphilis"? It's a pretty scathing account but with the catchiness that keeps it interesting and not in that snotty fuck-off way, it's a jangle reverb tearing across the minute or so this song briefly exists. "Emotional security!" over and over, a pinging snare popping leads to this crazy breakdown... all the voices!!! In your head!!!!!

"I Wish That I Never Had Fed You" is from the dad's side of things? It's a slow country ballad, slide guitar. Sweetly high and soaring all over this authentic dust roller. I can't help but put these two together... that violent, emotional, adolescent A-Side pissed at Dad and then the B-Side about the responsibility the measured abandonment.... plain and simple put it out there. If I didn't make any effort I bet you would have just left. Big distortion comes rolling in and solos building up with pounding toms, driving this point home, the inevitable manic sing a long crescendo. A real drinking song with no love lost. Made for each other.

Get if from Sophomore Lounge Records on clearish light purple vinyl...a weird shade, like an old jolly rancher that clouded up...looks delicious.

Check out some tracks below from their 3rd full length on Odessa Records

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