Monday, November 26, 2012

People Bomb on Fin Records

North Korea, Cambodia, Ronald Reagan, these were the easy targets of late '80s punk. As a little jimmy growing up in the countryside of upstate NY, before the days of the internet, these were important tracks of rebellion for the young author responsible for 7inches. It's since become well worn territory for everything loud and fast, but what if punk ran out of things to protest? You'd invent them.

East Korea is one those not so progressive authoritarian places imagined buy the not even old enough to vote band, People Bomb out of Seattle. They got together for a recording session with the brothers from Seacats, previously released on Fin as well, and ended up with these couple of tracks, among others. It's a kinetic, frantic pop sound incorporating the speed and dogma of punk. You take an idea like this fictional part of the world and use it a stand in for a whole lot of wrongs because to name them individually is pointless. Throw away the rules, and make some room for the new kids.

"East Korea" starts out with a possible attempt at their national anthem, a slow snare march, smashing cymbals and loose laid back electric...probably not something they'd be into exactly, but also functions as that misleading punk start. They drop into synth tinged quick barreling drum rolls with this repeating four chord melody. Bass and some barely audible distortion fall in line under lead vocal Garrison's dystopian vision and quivering yelp of "EAST KOREAAAAHH!". Rapid fire vocals over punchy pop menace recalls those old school ideas of punk protest also being a damn fine tune, almost to their detriment. A conflict of having a good time with some bad ideas. Or you make it fun to sink the hooks in, and then the lyric creeps up
The children never lie / the ones you love will never die
Sounds like a great place...maybe a little too great...or People Bomb is an arm of East Korea! It's made out of people!
"Pale White Paint" on the B-Side takes things a little slower and Garrison steps up in the mix with a soul barritone serious side going after a different kind of power structure. This time it's a little closer to home and the ignorance going on down the street, it's all painted pale white, not to offend anyone or inspire any kind of ...well anything. A bleak picture from People Bomb delivered in this laid back almost lounge style in another attempt to mess with expectations. Loose jangle, warbling groove that is dying to break out of this box that echo's this trapped atmosphere. You don't want to end up like the creeps in this song do you?

On sunshine yellow opaque vinyl with printed inner sleeve of liner notes and a map of East Korea and it's many places of interest. Get this direct from Fin Records.

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