Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interview with Christian at Fin Records

Fin Records in their first full calendar year have just put the wraps on something around 30 records in 2012 and don't seem to be letting up anytime soon. What started out focused on artists in the Seattle area has steadily expanded to put out releases by artists from around the country and soon - the globe.
I spoke to Christian from Fin a week ago about his shared love of the seven inch format and how important it is for the label to have that physical object be a part of the bands expression. They've got a bunch of surprises lined up for the coming year and even possibly a branch of Fin opening up outside the country.

The podcast opens with Christian's own project The Diving Bell and features excerpts from Canyons of Static, The Seacats and The Walkabouts releases throughout.

But it's all about putting the handcrafted artifact down on a record player at the end of the day and appreciating the work involved in this 7" work of art because like Christian says, "Everyday is record store day at Fin."

Download the MP3 here.

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