Monday, December 17, 2012

Low Fat Getting High - Vulture Shit at Party XPO 929 12-13-12

Just a quick note today about catching Low Fat Getting High at Party XPO last night and was completely blown away... their recent self released single didn't have any chance at capturing the level of sound they let loose opening for Vulture Shit. I have Unwound on my brain thanks in part to their live double album Live Leaves that I had on heavy rotation over the weekend, but I was completely reminded of my favorite band of all time watching this three piece. Especially the early stuff from A Single History that felt so loud there couldn't possibly be a discernable rhythm, other than Sara's drumming of course... (which Kaleen completely reminds me of, crazy power and complex timings that she can play forever), but the way these basslines and subtle shifts in distortion work feels like it's been missing this whole time. The track off their self released single is completely melodic and almost pop compared to the throbbing total power they played the rest of the set. I heard they used to just be a bass and drums line up, but I couldn't imagine this without that sweet high treble static from the jag section. Crazy plateau of energy that went on and on. So impressive, super nice guys and can't wait to hear more of this, they easily have a full length's worth of material and it would be a damn shame if this doesn't end up on vinyl.

Next up was Vulture Shit, who sent me their self released single a while back and catching these guys live completely changed the way I heard that thing. All the crazy electronic's on the record are actually Mike forcing his bass through some heavy ringtone computer glitch effects for that These Are Powers future punk sound. The other Mike on drums is pounding out ridiculous beats, a free form avant-rhythm style of constant hectic changes. All the tracks I barely recognized from the single are hardcore nightmare versions with Randy Vandal bringing this incredible performance side to the party. He's a natural maniac, running around the venue, getting into it with the ladies moshing in front, hopping stage monitors and grinning into the footlights. I talked with these guys outside right before their show and they were telling me about a cassette release homage to their favorite businesses in Brooklyn, a pizza place under the J,M,Z or an orthodontic office with an awesome name I can't remember now...and Mikey's Hookup. Hilarious ideas and this dystopian robot controlled future of infomercials and mousepad credit cards is truly a unique punk rock vision and they rock the insane sound to go with it. Their live show puts this record on a whole new level.

These guys are both getting back together to play Don Pedro's early in 2013, no details just yet...I think it's Saturday the 5th, but I'll post it in the concert calendar. Facebook invite info here.

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