Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Volar Records - Strange Mutations 7" series

Just heard about this Volar Records series that just went up for sale the other day, 5 singles for $25 bucks, great deal and what must be the first single from Eat Skull in a few years, good to hear those guys are still playing together and I'm so curious to hear how damaged they've gotten since, or it's totally my fault and I haven't been paying close enough attention. Then you've got an Audacity/Big Eyes split, last heard from Audacity on Volar, a new Stalins of Sound single with more of their demented dark sounds and Beaters weird layered folk and Far Corners who I think just had something out on Limited Appeal Records?

Get this packaged set from Volar Records while you're clicking around the rest of the internet at work checking off your xmas list. You deserve it.

Volar Records' first proper singles series, Strange Mutations, collected here in its first volume. Set comes specially packaged. Set of five 7"s includes:

Beaters--"Jester" b/w "911=11"
Eat Skull--"Where'd You Go" + "Medication Time" b/w "Jefferson Angel"
Stalins of Sound--"Pool of Piranha" + "Panik" b/w "Rapture in Blood
Far Corners--"Sanity Suck" + "Not So Hot Right Now" b/w "Asleep Since the 70s"
Audacity/Big Eyes split 7"--"Bottle It Up" b/w "Half the Time"

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