Friday, February 28, 2014

Klaus Johann Grobe - Traumhaft on Trouble In Mind Records

The thing I really love about Trouble in Mind is the serious lengths they go to to curate this psych pop collection of artists. At first I thought it was a pretty incredible exclusive to have landed Jacco Gardner and brought his genius Cabinet of Curiosities to the world, but this latest single from Klaus Johann Grobe is just as mind blowing and off my radar. In a world where anyone can post their recordings online I think TIM becomes more important as an editor of the impossible amount of stuff out there. They're that cool friend who's always telling you about some crazy new band they saw or heard. They do all the work and you just have to click a few buttons to get records right to your door. IT"S ALMOST TOO EASY.

Weirdly related to that B-Side of Walter Hus' yesterday the A-Side of "Traumhaft" opens with a real coincidence of cool organ tones and strong bass lines that BROMP over this with German vocals proving that these kind of grooves transend any lyric, in this case it's completely irrelevant. Like those louge compilations, or a Besson soundtrack there's a mysterious european element closely tied to the '60s and delivered almost too clean and weird to actually have been created them. Theremin volleys with tom fills and that organ feels like something from The In Sound From Way Out the way they tapped into those primal deep grooves, it's almost a crossover with Electric Cowbell or Colemine and The Paperhead. It recalls that era while being so obviously in its own element. You feel smart just listening to the crazy feedback groove loops of reverb. It's kicking throughout, bouncing echo fills, like Stereolab playing with those clever, hyptnotising loops of rhythm. I miss Empire Tomato Ketchup and this fills up that empty place. Five minutes of endlessly shifting psych pop grooves.

B-Side "Nicht zu stoppen" brings in that bass to establish a big structure right in the center of this. The spoken word vocal is distanced and distorted far off from the mic, delayed into oblivion which works as an instrument since I'm not getting it as meaning anyway, having been reduced to these repeated sounds. It's damn good and they work the repetive nature of this track, that last vocal repeating into infinity. It's got that Histoire De Melody Nelson rock and roll colliding with classic elements into this pre hip hop; a future that's trapped in amber with '50s organs and deviled eggs. Bizarre crafty food colored entree's that I've only seen in cook books. This is that future where we still haven't reached the moon and cars have fins, trapped in this endless loop of groovy baby yea! A super crazy world all it's own.

Turns out this is a reissue of a single on Sunstone Records in the UK which is long sold out, same goes for this once word gets out. pick it up from the Trouble in Your Mind Records. I call the 'Trouble in Bank Statement Again' records.

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