Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Wolf Banes / Walter Hus split - self released

The Wolf Banes contacted me about a split single with Belgian composer Walter Hus they just put out this last week. For the B-Side Walter reinterpreted their polished layered pop through a Decap organ which essentially is a crazy computer controlled music installation with drums, synths, pipes...(see below)

The result is a pretty crazy project that starts in one place and by the B-Side ends up with an entirely different result. That super pop gets stripped down by the second version on the A-Side and then built back up into an equally intricate and mind-blowing piece on the B-Side.

"Meldoy in G / pop version" opens with serious cello in a jittery tempo with Wim on vocals, his raspy worn out Tom Waits delivery fighting the crisp vibrations. Out of nowhere this blows your hair back with massive production, a lone perfect kick drum Wim drives straight ahead, eyes fixed on that far off horizon. The scale of this reminds me of a heightened Futureheads or a punk They Might Be Giants. A towering mix of super pop highs, a sparkling sort of Franz Ferdinand that seems way too seductive detailing his plight of trying to write this melody in G. The Non pop version starts out with the same string arrangement and Win still singing solo maybe a little less processed on this take. The strings never let up on this one and keep this sounding serious and dignified. It's like when a successful band finally gets big enough to dabble in those orchestral arrangements they know they've really made it. So where do these guys go from here? Superbly recorded they keep the structure and pop feel of the original even with the formality and precision of an entire string section.

"Corridor" by Walter Hus finds that staccato melody played on a breathy organ synth thing, mic'd in a live room, you can hear the space alongside those notes like a bunch of pvc pipe they've been forcing air over. The melody is still here but the vocal from Win has been transposed to this massive organ that has such a weird sound, almost toy sounding but enormous like a Godzilla size baby that means business. This melody in G continues to be repeated while this seems to shift from organic into more digital sounds while slowly piling up into a jumpy nervous ticing mess with it's own kind of logic that's barely connected to the A-Side by the time this takes shape. Really unbelievable noise. Fluttering and awkward at the same time. That dreamlike carnival shudders and like an ostrich it throws itself into the air and manages to take off. Super interesting to hear how extreme this can be reinterpreted on the same single. You can spend an enormous amount of time on a mere fraction of a second or work it all into this towering classical structure.

Email these guys to order direct - (thewolfbanes at gmail)

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