Monday, March 17, 2014

Hollywood / Mean Jeans on Big Neck Records

I am old. I'm not just getting old, I'm already there and as I start on the long, slow decline, the best years behind me, I rely more on bands like these guys, Hollywood and Mean Jeans to remind me of the good old days when your liver was brand new and you didn't wake up until noon. You didn't care about living with six other dudes and crates of records doubled as furniture.

Hollywood says "(I Prefer) Drugs" these guys are ready to party, just like that Love Child of a full length, they're rowdy guys living the dream, beating their heads and yelling together in a classic rock blown out garage pirate chanty that could easily be a Natural Child sentiment. There's a John Spencer Blues Explosion sound to this that same ballsy, raisin' hell country blues sound. Yell that chorus, no treat it like a chant as you prowl the streets in a shitty car looking to score. It's distorted with huge thumping kicks and bratty drawn out melodies, pounding away in double time that vocal gets snottier as the chorus approaches. They literally won't stop saying "I prefer drugs" the whole track. Quiet breakdown, just spell it out. I know where these guys are coming from and when I agree I'll know exactly where to go. How you sustain this idea for a tour is another story. You can lose years that way. Where the hell am I? The track has stopped spinning. This isn't even the same single?

Mean Jeans do "(Let's Go b4 I Blow My) Brains Out". Lots of punctuation on this single, as much as it clarifies the statement, it's making my brain hurt with word math. These guys that frantic Nobunny garage sound. Tight concise guitars and harmony meets the faded denim Matthew Melton inspired sound. It's a Ramones brief, bashing energy - the tambourine is the solo. It's hardly even time enough to call it that. Fast, not loose, pure summer, I really can't wait for it. Slick greaser sound of Adam Widener and Warm Soda, immediately catchy and enough to fill 6 song EP's of 2 minute blast after 2 minute blast of punk. They have traded the boozy swagger of the A-Side for surefootedness and singular vision. They want to party but give them speed. Hollywood is stumbling down the street passed out by the curb and Mean Jeans want to clean the bathroom all night. Find room for both kinds of party please.

Get this one is on dark clear blue vinyl from Big Neck Records.

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