Friday, March 14, 2014

Pure Predication on Manglor Records

Pure Predication is a duo out of Cincinnati playing in the litteral scuzzy depths of echo and reverb. The front of this sleeve is a crazy linoleum cut scratching of bongs and skateboards, perfect carved into desks foolery for this Wavves or Wounded Lion sound.
"Dead Boy" has a Jacuzzi Boys thud and stomp over this shrill reverb smashed between two tin foil covered walls. All brittle metal and no bass, the vocals are even lost in that wash of glass vibrating high end treble - I'm making out 'Dead Boy!' but just barely in the din of static. Doo Rag went another way or they got lost near Venice beach and I get it. I want to sell candles on a blanket every time. "Poison Oak" opens on a little melody pieced together by a crazy delayed feedback loop which just provides enough of a platform for this heavy wash of melody to start ripping out. That first Wavves record, buried as it was and Times New Viking marked the beginning of a new punk based on those limitations, or really not being conscious of them? This has a little of that massisve wall sound, like Ty Segall even I'm even hearing that push hard against the limits. Can there still even be a melody here? What if we jacked that plate effect up to 11 on this vocal? Some of Useless Eaters is like this, but this is sunny and surf sounding, especially the solo that finds itself peering out behind the heavily buried riffs. These two reproduce somehow like No Age's big pop sound with the Jacuzzi Boys goofiness, a self awareness where they know what they've been doing is a little crazy but let's see how far we can take this.

B-Side's "Devil's Weed" - Now there's a blues song title. This has a crunchy big metal riff with caveman beats throughout that just stomp and play off that kick with a snare and tambourine but it's the vocals that are plowed under and just launched into outer space. Smothered in reverb and echo, why would they even make the effect have this crackling high bounce if they didn't want you to use it? You're telling me I just sit on that setting, don't ever turn it past 5? What the hell. They have the balls to test their equipment to the limit like this.
There's a hidden track? This unnamed bad boy has a hell of an echo on the drums now, getting metal, a classic rock mess, heavy low end piled up over this thin metal box rolling down a hill in rhythm. That sound of reverb vocals is empowering, you can basically say about anything and it sounds cool as hell. Throw a blasted wandering solo in the heavist crunch and you can get away with hitting these cardboard boxes with mics inside them all day long. It's all about these effects getting these guys to play like this in the first place. It's a chicken and egg situation. These guys ride that extreme line and I'm all for it.

Exclusive track to the vinyl, that's more like it, get this from Mangolor Records.

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